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About us

The Living Lab at the University Of Nairobi is a co-creative space for researchers and experts who have a common interest in sustainable urban change. At the Living Lab, we explore design thinking both as a facilitatory tool and as a research method for innovating in the urban space.

What we do


Complex challenges require integrated solutions. Living lab provides a space to explore integrated solutions by bringing together residents, researchers, experts and policy actors to co-innovate solutions that make a city more liveable, lovable and sustainable!

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Design thinking is a human-centre, problem-solving approach that makes use of visualization tools to promote participation. At the Living Lab, we contextualize design thinking by using a hybrid model that combines the ‘Double Diamond process' by the UK Design Council and the 'HCD model' by IDEO.

At Living lab, we conduct research and offer training using a collaborative design approach. We believe collaboration is the key to radical innovation.